How To Use A Sex Swing (Guide & Instructions)

A sex swing can be hanged on your doors, walls, and ceilings. After installation, learn how to use a sex swing by adjusting the height, and attaching accessories like headrests, BDSM bondage, and door mounts to improve your experience.

So you’ve heard of sex swings, and have thought about bringing it in your bedroom to kink stuff up a bit, right?

But you’re probably asking yourself, How do I use this? Are there special ways of installing them that I need to know about? How can I use the sex swing to spice the sex up a notch?

Before we set things rolling. A sex swing is a link of different harnesses used to enhance suspension during sex and vary in type. e.g. door sex swings, hanging sex swings, sex slings, and sex swing stands.

Alright! Let’s clear these draw-backs and get you accurate information on how to use a sex swing in your home!

How To Install A Sex Swing

As we have mentioned, there are different sex swings. Meaning they all have different ways of installing but nothing too sophisticated.

A door sex swing only needs you to hook the tube-stoppers at the top and slide them behind a door then shut it to make it firm and steady.

Hanging sex swings and sex slings need you to drill hooks on your bedroom ceiling for you to attach the harness for suspension.

But here’s the catch! There is the sex stand option that allows you to mount the swings and slings without requiring any door or ceiling support.

Tips on How To Use A Sex Swing

You can add a creative flair while using sex swings to increase the pleasure and thrill. Let’s check out the following tips right off the bat! (suite…)