B Adverbs you to relate genuinely to wide variety otherwise time You can find just as much as 20,one hundred thousand sets regarding birds toward area

What you’re saying is 1essentially / simply correct

5 Key adverbs A Adverbs you to definitely contrast adverb definition analogy comparatively/seemingly in comparison to Our test is apparently/relatively something else brief. especially/particularly more typical The process was not especially/such as hard. especially to have a certain objective We used specially tailored products. quite (opposite: (a bit certified) as an alternative, into the next try involved a notably) some extent a little/considerably huge sample. primarily mostly The content is especially concerned about the effects away from pesticides. mostly/mostly almost completely (although not Your panels was mainly/primarily profitable. totally so) privately (opposite: indirectly) instead whatever else The situation try (in)in person pertaining to bad getting inside houses. [to, about] The fresh new contour off 17% is roughly comparable to the newest decrease in inhabitants about northern of the country regarding 1980 so you can 2010. [nearly] The new trend happen apparently seem to/infrequently. [often/not often] We ultimately obtained brand new numbers we were dreaming about, that have been the same given that those found by Rosenberg (2008). [in the long run, as time passes; totally and you can accurately] Ultimately, i propose to repeat the study playing with precisely Preferred Error the latest same number of informants. [finally, immediately following other things was in fact finished. (suite…)